Friday, February 26, 2010

Myth of Perfection

Myth of Perfection
Mixed media on canvas

Good morning! It's another chilly start in the south. I've got a few minutes before heading off to work today so I thought I'd share another piece in the Body of Work series. This one is called Myth of Perfection. I'll go back to the altered book later and show you some more pages from that but I thought bringing out the canvases would be nice.

I think the words on the canvas pretty much say it all. Isn't perfection what we're supposed to be striving for? I know women understand this pressure to look perfect. Just look at the women's fashion magazines and the airbrushed models. Who in the world could possibly live up to those standards? I truly think these magazines are a bad influence on young women. They send a damaging message - you're not okay. As we get older we add more things to the list of things to be perfect at - raising kids, careers, housekeeping and caring for elderly parents. We put so much pressure on ourselves - yes, there's the outside influences but we allow those influences to push us to the point of extremes. There's nothing wrong with having high standards but there has to be some sanity thrown in there too, some feeling of it's okay if everything is not exactly perfect. It's okay to let the less important things sit for a while so we can sit for a while and be at peace.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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