Thursday, February 18, 2010

Acrylic Textures Workshop

Good morning people! I'm thrilled to announce ~ it's Thursday! I love Thursdays, it's studio day. I'm actually here to announce that we have a workshop coming up so you can mark your calendars. We're doing a half-day workshop on acrylic textures. Work on canvas with acrylic mediums to achieve exciting textures and color patterns. In this workshop you will learn about texture mediums and how to use them in an archival way with acrylic paint on canvas. Paint abstractly or use textures to enhance your realistic work. Do you like palette knife painting? Collage or assemblage? Interested in the look of encaustic painting? Just love texture? Then this workshop is for you. Once you learn these skills, the possibilities are endless!

Join us Sunday, March 21st from 1-5 at Red Swan Paint & Art . They are located at 2730 NE 14th St in the Oakbrook Plaza. The cost of the workshop is 45.00 and we'll be providing some of the supplies. When you sign up you'll get a list of the supplies to bring. Contact us for more info.

Time to paint,


Nancy said...

I want to sign up for that class! My husband may have to have surgery next month, and it may restrict what I get to do, but I'll know for sure mid-month. Can you sign me up anyway?

Carlynne said...

I'll put you on the list. Just let us know as soon as you can. Thanks Nancy.