Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me and Etta

Mosaic 3

This one is now finished! I had a good time in the studio today ~ me and Etta James. Nothing like some music to help get in the groove. I'd love to know how in the world she did some of her songs. I love to sing along with whoever is in my CD player but there's some tunes that she does that just amaze me - like, Baby, What You Want Me to Do. If you haven't heard this, listen to it. If I try to sing this I end up in a coughing fit! Some things are just best left up to the pros.

Anyway, back to the painting ~I added some layers to this one. I did some glazing with the acrylic and I also added some layers of tissue paper. I thought this would add some depth. Any comments.... thoughts.... critiques.....

Hope you're having a good evening,


*jean* said...

love the layers of tissue! i say the more layers, the better! oo and i love etta too...she had an amazing gift

Itaya said...

Awesome painting/collage! Yes the tissue does add some depth and I love it! It looks like a very nice little town. Great job! :)