Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Starts

Good morning! It's studio day. Does this mean I have to focus now? This unfinished canvas you see above is I think number 12 (could be 13) in a nice big pile of started paintings. Last night was poker night - for Amazing Hubby, not me - and that usually means that I'm parked in front of the tv in the living room channel surfing. Well I now have tv in my studio so I can channel surf in there on poker night. Yay for multi-tasking! So, this old canvas was calling to me. I don't remember what the purpose was for the red paint and gold leaf but now it's been re-purposed. Time to decide which piece to work on today - one of the pile of canvases, the colored pencil piece or the hubcap. Later I'll show you what I decide.

Have a beautiful day,

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