Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Large

Desert Down Under
Mixed media
Ok, we've been slackers once again, but.... only where this blog is concerned! I've been staying very busy finishing this painting for one thing. For another, I've been painting the house - more on that later, maybe with pictures. This painting is the largest I've done to date and it was a blast. I love painting larger but my house doesn't appreciate it so much, storage is getting to be a real issue. And, maneuvering around this thing on the easel was quite the trick when I was trying to get to my drawing board to work on little 5x5's for Etsy. Then add the mixed media aspect. I wanted some texture on the surface so I added some glass bead gel, not a problem until I wanted to do a layer of watery paint on top and had to lay the painting down flat. That created a domino affect when every other surface in the studio had to be cleared off to make room. Back on the easel. Work a while. Time to add gold and copper leaf. Have to work flat again. And so it went - easel to table and back again. Then try to shoot a photo, ha! No way I could shoot it in the studio like I do the smaller stuff. I took it outside, set it up, got the camera and tripod set up and the yellow jackets took offense. Thankfully me and the gear made it back inside before the stingers found bare skin. Still no picture though. I ended up in the dining room with the painting at one end and me squeezing myself between the tripod and the windowsill. Got the shot but I probably won't be doing another 48x48 any time soon.


Nancy said...

Once again, I am mesmerised by your talent! I love abstracts, but don't think I have in me to paint one! I see a beautiful ray swimming in this piece! Simply beautiful!

Carlynne said...

Wow, thanks Nancy! All I can say is paint what you love, then other people will love what you paint.

Teresa Mallen said...

Oh I so love this piece. I was going to say I found it mesmerizing and then I see that Nancy is mesmerized by your talent! LOL just great minds thinking alike I guess.
My husband and I are painting the outside of our house so I can relate to the being busy part. The photo looks good so all your efforts paid off. :-)

Carlynne said...

Thanks Teresa! I just went to your blog, what a fabulous building!! I love the sunset shots. The spider was very cool too. I don't think Kelli could get anywhere near that sculpture :-) I'll tell her to check out the pics.