Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Business Womens Online Expo Booth #21

Pumpkin #2
Carlynne Hershberger

Leaves #3
Kelli Money Huff

Welcome to all who are on our blog for the first time to help us celebrate the Fall Business Women's Online Expo! We are honored that you took the time to visit with us considering all the choices you have available to you. Thank you and we hope you will like what you see and will return. Please tell us what you think.

We are Carlynne Hershberger and Kelli Money Huff. We paint, we teach, we write (well, OK, we also eat, sleep and eat a little more, too). We are experimental artists who mix our media all the time. We are very busy and by working together we cut the chores in half for each of us, so we can spend more time painting.

The two pieces you see above are examples of our 5X5 mini's, each one an original painting on canvas board. These are from our new section titled, Autumn. We have greatly enjoyed this little jog from our more abstract work and are looking forward to painting new things for our other seasonal sections. Watch for Winter, Spring, and Summer sections to pop up at the appropriate times.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Fall Business Women's Online Expo and are looking forward to visiting as many sites as possible. As you work your way through, be sure to comment as often as you can, it helps all of us to give you what you want. When you comment on our blog, or make a purchase in our Etsy shop this weekend, you will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of our book, Creative Colored Pencil Workshop. We are running other specials just for this weekend event. Our original mini paintings are selling very well and for this Saturday and Sunday, we are including a mini easel for free. And don't forget, no shipping on the painting or the easel.

These mini easels are unfinished wood and look great with the mini paintings just the way they are, but you can stain or paint them to match the artwork if you wish. Don't forget us for you Christmas and Hanukkah shopping; mark our blog and Etsy shop and come back for more specials in the future.

Something new in our Etsy shop is our book, Creative Colored Pencil Workshop (North Light Books, 2007). We are offering free shipping on all book purchases for this weekend. Save money and get a book signed by us. We can personalize if you email us with your name. And the best news is that every customer who makes a purchase from us on Etsy as well as every visitor that comments on our blog for Saturday and Sunday, will be entered into a drawing for a free book. Good luck to all.

In case you didn't know, we offer weekly classes on Monday and Wednesday at Red Swan Paint and Art Supply in Ocala Florida. See how hard our students work? There is a lot of laughing going on in our classes, but our students learn a lot, too.

OK, time for you to move along the Fall Business Womens Online Expo list, now. Thanks for dropping by and do come again.

Kelli and Carlynne


DawnCorrespondence said...

I LOVE your mini paintings! So glad I stopped by!

DawnCorrespondence said...

I LOVE your mini paintings! So glad I stopped by!

Denise said...

Lovely work - so colorful! Best of luck this weekend.

Kelli said...

Thanks to Dawn and Denise for stopping by. Have fun with your other visits and you are now entered in our drawing!

Michelle said...

These are beautiful! I'm heading over now to check out your etsy store!
Best wishes for a great Women's Expo weekend!!
Michelle Buettner
MiShel Designs

Paper Squid said...

I am really enjoying browsing your shop and work. I love Tide Pools 47 and your mini painitngs. Will definitely check out more.


Millie said...

Great Blog, good luck!

Rita J.
Millie J.

Anonymous said...

Your mini paintings are so very lovely! rita w

Patricia said...

Kelli and Carlynne, I adore your minis! I just got some mini-canvases from Blick to try painting small oils. Since I usually only use the knife when I do oils, I guess that means I have to use toothpicks! Anyway, I love to find other artists whose works resonate with me and mine.

I am enjoying my visits to the booths of the GNO and I hope you guys will have a chance to visit mine. I am number 25. :)


Kelli said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our shop while we were at a meeting today. Wonderful to see so many visitors and lovely comments. You are all included in our drawing. Good luck!

ennadoolf said...

I ♥LOVE♥ Beach Series 43! As soon as I saw the beach/tide paintings, I looked at every single one ~ and this one, ack! I want it! It SO reminds me of the beach. I hearted it of course!

And even before I visited your shop, the pumpkin and leaves you chose to highlight in your blog drew me in immediately! I love them both!

I'm glad you're a part of the Expo and hope you come visit me at booth 22.

Dee said...
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Dee said...

Hello ladies..first thanks for participating in the Expo this weekend. Second this was a wonderful post and introduction to you and your business...thank you! I love your mini's, especially leaves #3. Fall is my favorite season because of the colors and you've done a wonderful job capturing it. I look forward to learning more about you and your business in the future.

TheEccentricLady said...

I missed getting in on the Expo but am having fun looking at the shops. Just finished up checking out your Etsy shop and found lots of prints I would love to have :) I LOVE your work. I will be back to shop for real when I save a bit of money. Your definately on my, to shop at store!

Tip-Tops said...

I am fascinated by mixed media art. I like being able to *touch* with my eyes, and texture is great.

I looked thru your shop-I love Passage 70, and Avacado Grove. Very pretty.

Kelly Jackson said...

The two of you are very tallented. I love the pumpkin painting. I'm heading on over to your Etsy shop to take a look around.

Kelly Jackson
Booth 20

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from GNO Booth #14!

Your paintings are lovely! I can't draw or paint to save my life! I can draw a ROUGH sketch of what I'd like to do and I get in Photoshop and bring it to life digitally.

Now following your blog...

Designs by Kat said...

Can I just say WOW. You are both unbelieveably talented. I have been painting with acrylic paints for about 12 years but you both are incredible. I am following your blog and am trying to sign up for your email (computer is not cooperating) and am going to check out your etsy shop but really incredible :)

Booth #31

Reenie said... two are so talented!!

Earthbound Creations said...

Love the paintings! Adding u to my top ten list from the expo - so will be giving u a shout out on my blog - stop by my booth -#31 Earthbound Creations, and become a follower!

The Beading Gem said...

I have a daughter who does love to draw. I've sent her the link to show her your amazing work!

Kelli said...

Thanks to all for stopping by. Remember us for your Holiday shopping and we are working our way through your blogs and Etsy shops now.

Jessica said...

Your paintings are simple and beautiful. I'm am bookmarking your site for Christmas gifts! It is so fun to see you ladies supporting each other while you pursue your shared passion for painting. Keep up the great work!

Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Ohhhh, you two sound very interesting . . . I'm going to keep an eye on you and your work. Thanks for sharing and I hope I win your book--it looks awesome! Thanks, Trudy aka Momma Goddess

Lisa said...

Hi there! Amazing work. LOVE the pumpkins! Wanted to let you know that you won my drawing for a pair of gorgeous sodalite and freshwater pearl earrings. Yeah! I can't find an email address for you though. Please email me at with your mailing address so I can send these to you! Thanks for visiting! Lisa Booth #29.

Linda Atkins said...

I'm so happy for Kelly. I love her blog and her great sense of humor, along with all her infomation for we crafters/quilters. This my first time to your blog. I love your autumn paintings. They inspire me to try some painting again. Tomorrow I am printing with leaves at the retirement home where I work. This gave me a few more ideas to try. THANKS!!!

Linda Atkins said...

Your work is inspiring! I'm printing leaves tomorrow at work with our elderly residents. I will be trying some other techniques as I was inspired by your paintings. Kelly, the winner of your pencil workshop book is the wife of my nephew. She is such an inspiration too and I love her blog. It has so much information and her wit keeps me laughing. I'd love to win your book as I use colored pencils when making my stamped cards. I'll check back often to see what is new here.