Monday, September 21, 2009

Artist Within, part 5

Artist Within Project
The Artist Within project continues and Julie has more command of the brush! I'm stepping back more and she's painting more - I'm so proud! We had such a good time working on building color layers in the background, making some areas recede and some come forward. As we push on through some ugly stages (and we know most paintings go through them) we get more excited about how it's coming along. I must say Julie is a fabulous student, she not only takes direction well but she also keeps me supplied with chocolate! This week it was a chocolate muffin from our local baker, the Primary Oven.
One more thing to mention before I go..... my little pumpkin painting was included in a treasury on Etsy, I'm very excited. How cool to have my work chosen! Go take a look at all the other pumpkin colored gems that are included,
hope you're having a super start to your week,

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