Saturday, March 17, 2007


Welcome to our studios. Kelli and I are busy painters, teachers and now new authors. We wear many hats and of course our favorite is the painter. I love being in the studio. If there's a day when I can't paint because of other obligations I'll at least visit my studio. Even standing there looking at what's on the easel can be a creative boost. I can think about the next step in the painting knowing that I'll be back in there soon. In the last few years I've been doing a lot of mixed media techniques and loving it. I think I want to use every art material in existence. There are certain combinations that are especially dear to my heart: watercolor with colored pencil on hot press watercolor paper and acrylic with oil on canvas. I'll be posting examples of these works, some finished and some in progress. After being a purist with colored pencil for so many years I really needed to branch out and do something new. Although the techniques are new the subject matter hasn't changed that much. Natural forms are still my inspiration whether it's realism or abstraction.
As Kelli and I both post we'll be filling you in on our painting progress, up-coming events and classes/workshops that we're teaching. The painting you see here is Banana Flower and it's watercolor with colored pencil. Kelli has some wonderful textural pieces that she's doing so I'm looking forward to seeing her pieces posted.
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