Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hi everyone. Although we have written magazine articles and a book, Carlynne and I are new to blogging but very excited about it. I look forward to sharing my thoughts as well as my artwork with you. Please write to let us know how you feel about what we are doing.

As much as we really enjoyed writing the book, we were doing mostly tightly rendered, realistic pieces for a long time and both of us seemed to need to loosen up after the book went to press. I am currently working on a number of pieces I call my "beach series." They are all about texture and are representative of water and sand, but not a literal interpretation. I am having a wonderful time exploring the world of texture and color. I'm using many different texture gels and other acrylic mediums on gallery wrapped canvas and cradled boards. We will be doing a workshop on this very subject in June, 2007. (More information will be available in the future).

I love the way the paint flows over the mountains and valleys in the texture peices. I have ideas on using other natural subjects for more textures. I have never been so excited about a series in all of my art life. In fact, this one has so much potential, I can see it going on for years. However, I always seem to go back to working on paper too. I used to use mostly watercolor and colored pencil on paper, but now I am adding acrylic to the mix and sometimes a few other things. Right now I am looking for some flowers that really grab me.

If you are an artist who is concerned that if you use more than one media or paint more than one subject, you will be considered unfocused as an artist, stop worrying. Art by it's very nature is experimental. If you work for many years, you will change. It is a natural evolution for artists to seek out the new. Carlynne and I are the quintessential experimental artists. We cannot resist trying new things and that is one reason we work so well together. We influence and give each other ideas. It is a fun way to work and we encourage you to try one of our workshops so you, too, can see how thrilling it is to try new things.

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