Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hold Your Horses!

This is what my new horse looked like going down the road yesterday. In a lightening storm no less. My husband, (he goes by the alias Boris) is a master at loading, securing and moving all kinds of odd shaped things. I could not possibly have gotten through the requirements of the last few weeks without his help. This unusual load drew lots of surprised looks and no doubt many people said, "They must be doing Horse Fever again!"

Here is Hubble Horse looking around my studio at his new neighhhhhh-bors. (Couldn't resist). I am pretty excited about sharing a working space with him for awhile.
As Carlynne said yesterday on this very same blog, we are painting horses once again for a community art project. Carlynne, her husband, Mark and I are all painting one this year. Between the three of us, this time around brings our combined total to 8 horses, 3 giant butterflies and one full size dog. We are up to our ears in naked horses now and will keep you posted on how their coats of paint are progressing.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

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