Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yellow Flower
My sister and mother are the 2 gardeners in my family. In fact my mother is a Master Gardner. I'm the odd man out. I'd much rather be in my studio. I really don't mind yard work that much, I was always the one to do the mowing and trimming but they are the artists when it comes to growing things. This little yellow flower was growing in my sister's yard. It was so bright and proud standing there saying - look at me!

Earth Passage 11
Well, you know me..... back to the rocks. I have rocks in my head, rocks in my studio, rocks in my paintings, just can't get away from them.

Mosaic 4
This is one of the earlier pieces in the Mosaic series which is loosely based on satellite images of earth. Peeking through the mist are the colors and shapes we carve into the earth. It doesn't matter if it's earth from above or below, the patterns and colors fascinate me.


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