Saturday, September 11, 2010


Leaves 3
5x5 acrylic

Pumpkin 2
5x5 acrylic

I was imbued with such a feeling of autumn today (yeah, I do remember that I live in Florida and it's in the 90's) that I had to share a couple of our Etsy pieces from the section called Seasons. Besides my friends and family, the main thing I miss about not living in Michigan any more is the beautiful fall colors. (And maybe the brisk autumnal air that seems to fill me with so much energy, but I am able to experience that with the Florida winter).

If you want to see fall inspired gifts or a trinket for yourself, visit our shop at

You also might want to check out the latest Etsy Treasury that my Leaves 4 piece was included in with this link:

A Treasure is a group of Etsy pieces from many different sellers/artists that all have a harmonizing theme; it might be a color, a name, a season, etc. The treasuries are beautiful assemblages of lovely, unique hand made things. Carlynne and I have been fortunate to be included in many, but I enjoy looking at all of them. I have yet to see one that was not a pleasure to the eye and an inspiration to my creative bone.

Happy Fall and Peace to all,

No, this is not a new piece, but I had such a feeling of fall that I had to share it with you. This is a small 5X5 0n canvas panel

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