Monday, May 31, 2010

Peaceful Weekend

Yesterday I had a wonderful gabfest/private art lesson with my friend Julie. We had a ball painting poppies. She's been working hard on her own too - she brought in the most wonderful little painting! It's bold, colorful and fun. Did I remember to bring my camera so I could show you that painting and what we were up to? Of course not. So instead of sharing those photos I'll share these. I was sitting on my front porch on this wet Memorial Day weekend, enjoying the peace and feeling thankful for it.

These guys are the house protectors, our rugged attack cats....they should have names I think. What should I call them?

I can't resist looking for compositions to paint.

Happy little raindrops all in a row. I thought I'd enjoy the parade of cool reflections before I rip this pain in the #$%^&* vine out of my azalea bush!!!! These things grow everywhere and drive me crazy - but for now back to the regularly scheduled peaceful weekend.
Enjoy, be thankful, be at peace,


Nancy said...

Thanks, Lynne, for the beautiful, peaceful photographs! I spent my day today shopping, then in the pool!

Carlynne said...

your welcome... and good for you! If I had a pool I'd be in it right now.