Monday, July 6, 2009

The midnight hour

It's almost midnight and I'm still up. My dear hubby is not feeling well and he's on a deadline. He has a photo shoot to finish and has to have it done by tomorrow. I've done all I can to help so now I'm just staying up out of sympathy I guess. Not sure what that'll accomplish other than being tired at work tomorrow but here I am - posting. So, since I'm here I thought I'd show you a few of the pics I took of my daughter's puppy Maddie. Maddie spent the day with us on Sunday and between the Frisbee and the hose we wore her right out.

Love her smile!

No, that's not a cast on her leg, she just has really cool markings.

Isn't she cute? I went a little nuts with the camera, this is only 4 shots out of about 230. No, I'm not going to post them all. There are some really fun ones of her trying to bite the water from the hose though so I'll post those later. These were the easiest to do right now - after all it's now AFTER midnight! Not sure how much more sympathy I can muster.

I hope you all had a good Independence day weekend.

Peace and love,


butterfly woman said...

Hi Carlynne,
I came across your name at Tatiana's Thou Shall Live a Creative Life blog. So curious, I cam here to your site. I love! your mixed media pieces. They are magical and mysterious. Your comments on Etsy are helpful too as I am planning on doing an online shop myself soon.
I love lots of mediums but lately am making the transistion from digital art to mixed media (the more hands on direction).
Glad I discovered your blog. I love your art evolution.

Carlynne said...

Thanks so much Bev, and I'm excited that you stopped by. I'm intrigued by what digital artists do and I've played a little with some programs but I've got to have the feel of the paper, canvas and brushes. I just get excited by the supplies! I went to your blog and I love your images of birds - birds have special meaning for me. When I have more time I'll do some reading too. Let me know when you get your Etsy shop going, I'll come check it out.