Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hi everyone,

I'm posting this in memory of the coolest cat in the world. We lost Sneakers this past Monday. This is an oil painting I did of him a few years back as a gift for my son. He was quite the character and he'll be missed greatly.

I've been playing with watercolor pencils quite a bit and really liking it. I've also been using regular colored pencils with heat. That's been interesting too so check back again soon. There'll be more to look at.



Nancy Moskovitz said...

Oh my gosh, Lynne. I'm so sorry. That's a beautiful portrait to remember him by.

Carlynne said...

Thanks Nancy. It was so difficult for all of us. He's been part of the family for 15 yrs and he was such a people cat, very affectionate and loving. It's just a relief he's not suffering anymore.

Mary G said...

Such a tender painting of Sneakers, Lynne, but do you have others. I felt like I knew him from all your stories and always shard them with Dave. We are both very sad for your loss, but know sneakers truly lives on......they never leave us, you know.

Sharon Crute said...

My deepest condolences Lynne. You bring an animal into the house thinking you're acquiring a pet...instead, you gain another precious family member.

The portrait of him is just absolutely endearing.

Bernie said...

Am so sorry to hear about Sneakers Lynne. Loosing a pet is one of the hardest things in the world to have to endure. Please accept my sincere condolences.
Your painting of Sneakers is wonderful and a long lasting and loving memory.

I've just finished some pet portraits - one of my Border Collie "Remy" for my Hubby.
Another of "Cookie" who belongs to my sisterinlaw and is a Spaniel Plus am about to start another of of "Miss Peppa" a friends Border Collie. These are all Xmas gifts.

Hope you don't mind that I've tagged you. I love your work and hope the tag helps bring tonnes more visitors to your site, along with more business. See my Blog for what to do with a Tag.

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Beautiful art work.