Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun in Seattle

Hi folks,

Just thought I'd add a few photos from the Seattle trip. Although it was a working trip I did get to see the sights a little bit thanks to my wonderful cousin Frank. Here we are at one of the lookout points - you can see the Space Needle off in the distance - it's practically growing out of the top of my head. In the top photo is the Blue Angels. The CPSA convention was timed perfectly. It happened to coincide with Seattle's annual festival and the Navy tops off the last weekend with a show. We were sitting on the roof of Frank's building watching them fly. What a treat! I came away with a sense of awe and a sunburn. Of course everyone thought it was funny that a couple from Florida got sunburned in Seattle.

The locks are an interesting place. I loved this sculpture.

Oh....the flowers. They were lush and beautiful at the market. If I had seen them our first day there I would have brought some back to the hotel room. The market there is fun, of course we did see Pike's and the fish tossing too.

This is the view from the observation deck on Smith Tower. What a beautiful day!
Peace, and have a beautiful day today


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

wow! Looks like a wonderful trip! Glad you shared that sculpture I luv it!

Robin Maria Pedrero said...


Yes that could have been the perfect response "Color theory's the same no matter what the media." You hit the nail n the head!Thanks for commenting on my blog.


Plastic Cards said...

So lively and natural. Good photographer.