Monday, September 10, 2007

What's going on?

No new photo to post tonight, just some rambling. I just got home from an Out of Hand Artists meeting - yes, we're the OoHA's. We are a group of professional artists that have gotten together to support each other through the maze of marketing fine art. As a group we're relatively new but we got our feet wet with our first show at a bank in downtown Ocala. I must say we made a very nice showing of work. Damn we're good! (Yes, I stole your line Diane) We're currently looking for new venues for a group show and have some strong possibilities. It is nice to have a good group of folks to bounce ideas off of, cheer for, be honest with and get silly with. Sometimes as a group with the right chemistry you can go farther than you can alone. Hopefully we have a chemistry that will explode - in a good way!

On a different note.....have you ever felt compelled to paint something to the point where you didn't emerge from the studio until it was finished? I did that last night. I started about 4 pm and finished at 11:00. It was an intensely personal self-portrait that I did in colored pencil. I haven't worked in 100% colored pencil in some time since I've been mainly a mixed media painter. Anyway, I'll be teaching a workshop at the CPSA International Exhibition and Convention in Seattle WA in 08 and it's about self-portraits. I started this piece with that convention in mind since I needed to have an image for the promotional materials (the intensely personal portrait will end up all over the place, including this blog at some point - and that's okay). What started as a deadline became a painting that swallowed me whole. It'll show up here eventually. Hopefully it'll show up at the exhibition too - we'll see what happens.

One more thing.......Do a lot of artists have blogs, websites AND myspace pages? I just got started with a page so I could see some photos that my kids have posted but I'm having so much fun with myspace. It's amazing how many artists are out there, there's some amazing work to be seen. Wander around and notice it.

Peace ya'll,

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Anonymous said...

Joanie San Chirico's link lists about 29 artist's blogs so based on that alone I would guess many artists do have blogs. I love all the links. I can lose an entire morning following artists, their work and ideas throughout the web.

Thank you for all you do.

Nancy Ihasz