Sunday, May 6, 2012

Painting Time

A Walk in the Park

In between prepping for Friday Night Painting Parties I get to do some painting. I've been loving the landscapes lately and this is the latest from the easel. Up until now I've painted all the landscapes on a canvas toned with red or orange paint. I love the way the greens pop when combined with their compliment. But.... the weather is getting hot and I'm feeling the need to bring some cool colors into the palette. I felt like painting something cool and soothing.

The photo I worked from is one I took on a trip that Kelli and I took to Hontoon State Park a few years ago. We did a weekend getaway and spent an entire day wandering the island. Some areas were like this - cool shadows, bits of sunlight bouncing off the vegetation here and there. Other areas were - how should I put this - we were afraid if we didn't get off the island soon a park ranger was going to find our bleached bones scattered among the palm fronds. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. 

Calloway Garden

This one does have the red underpainting. I did this one from a photo that my mother took in Calloway Gardens in Georgia. I just loved the way the azaleas grew so thick in and among the trees. I hadn't done this type of floral landscape before so I thought it would be fun challenge.

I hope you're all doing something creative.

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