Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Green Art

This is a shot of one wall of the current exhibit at the Marion Cultural Alliance at Brick City Center for the Arts in Ocala at 23 SW Broadway. The show features local artists and their interpretation of "going green" in the art world. Visitors will see artwork created with recycled materials.

My personal favorite is this piece titled "Paul's Pants" by Nancy Ihasz. This is a portrait, in a sense, of her husband Paul and illustrates how he always has a lot of keys and other odds and ends in his pockets. It is made with real denim jeans and real keys, etc. Nancy is a good friend and one of our star students. You also might know her as a Horse Fever Artist who created "Wildfire."

My Mom's fave (sorry Nancy) is titled "Quill Scape" by David D'Alessandri. He use recycled paper attached to canvas for this creation. David is another Horse Fever Artist who painted Forest King. You can vote for your favorite piece of recycled art at the exhibit.

Please try to visit this fun and inspirational show which runs through the month of November. And see the next post for photos of Carlynne's exhibit running concurrently in the same space.


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