Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mozart and Lenny Kravitz

Acrylic on canvas
Just some thoughts running through my head. As I'm listening to Mozart violin sonatas and working on a painting I think back to my childhood and wonder what my playing ability would be like now had I kept on practicing the violin. I was a child who didn't understand what I was giving up. At the same time..... had I kept playing, would my time and attention now be divided between the bow and the brush? My creative focus has been the visual arts for many years to the exclusion of other worthwhile pursuits. As a teen I played the guitar - to be honest that was mainly to get the attention of a certain guy, and no, it didn't work - but still I played and practiced. I sang in choirs and still love singing but mainly I sing when I'm at the easel.
It doesn't seem to matter what I tried, from violin to basket weaving I always ended up back at the easel. Maybe my wiser, essential self, even as a young child knew there was something else I was supposed to focus my attention on - drawing and painting. OR is that just my way of not feeling the regret of missed opportunities in experiencing the other arts? Either way it's ok, I'll keep on listening to someone else's beautiful playing and paint while I do it. I'm still richer for having played the violin and guitar and maybe someday I'll pick them up again, and the singing still makes me feel great even if I'm the only one in the room. Right now I think it's time for some Lenny Kravitz.
Peace ya'll


Sharon Crute said...

Music always has been so important to me at the easel. Yeah, I wish I could play and I wish I could sing, but just experiencing the rhythm, the notes, the melody and energy as impetus to dynamic brushstrokes is a gift.

Lenny Kravitz rules!!!!

Carlynne said...

That's it Sharon, it's all in the experience and the process! when I need peaceful it's classical and when I need energy it's latin or Lenny, I love Lenny!

Nancy Moskovitz, artist said...

This painting and Mozart go beautifully together. Love em both

Teresa Mallen said...

What a beautiful painting! I think all of our creative endeavours enrich our paintings, whether they be making music, throwing clay, cutting stained glass or winging it in the kitchen. And yes, actively listening to music counts!

Carlynne said...

Thanks Nancy and Teresa!