Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yes, once again.....

it's been a while since posting here. I tend to hang out more on our studio Facebook page where I share info about our upcoming Painting Parties, pics of students doing their thing, projects I'm doing at the studio and just general artsy stuff.

What got me thinking about the blog this morning? Maybe I should say who got me thinking - Alyson Stanfield did a 2-part post recently on artists and galleries and I wanted to share it here. Part one is about the upside of artists working with galleries. How can galleries help you further your career? Part two is about the downside of artists working with galleries and the red flags you should be aware of before approaching a gallery. And.... the percentage they get from sales is WHAT? Be sure to check out both the links below.

Why Artists Should Embrace Galleries

Why Artists Should Avoid Gallery Representation


This is the project for the upcoming Friday Night Painting Party. We will be working in acrylic on a canvas that I'll prepare with a texture done with Super Heavy Body Gesso. We only have room for 12 party goers and 6 of those seats are taken already so if you're interested in joining us, let us know ASAP. The party starts at 7pm on July 26th. The cost is $50 and we provide absolutely everything you need to start and finish your painting that evening. Just bring yourself and whatever you want to drink - yes, you can bring wine.

Some happy faces from past parties.......

Now go to your studio and paint something.