Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Party Party

Once again we had a great time at the Friday Night Painting Party and we want to welcome two new folks... Parris and Marilyn. Our group of party people is expanding! This time we continued with the holiday theme in the Poinsettia painting. If you couldn't make it to the class but really wanted to do this painting you can pick up a kit for $10 that includes a 12x12 stretched canvas that's prepped with the line drawing, a color copy of the painting for reference and a list of painting instructions. Just comment here and let me know.

busy, busy
ready for the holidays 

So, what's happening next? The November Painting Party won't be on the last Friday of the month like we usually do since I'll be out of town that week but we will have the party the following week on December 7th. We won't be doing a party at the end of December because we figure you all would be partied out by then so Dec. 7th will be the last one for the year. We'll pick them up again at the end of January.

This is what we'll be painting in December.....

Red Canoe

Don't wait too long to reserve your seat since space is limited. Happy painting everyone!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Poinsettia time at the FNPP

Hello artsy people! We're fast approaching the - election, I know and won't we ALL be very happy when it's over. It doesn't matter who you're voting for, the ads and mailers (yay for the recycle bin) are getting very old! We're also fast approaching the next Friday Night Painting Party. It's this week. The last month has just flown by. Hard to believe I have to start prepping canvases already. So......

this is the painting we'll be doing in our fun little mini-workshop Friday night. The last one was pumpkins so of course the next one had to continue the holiday theme. There are only a few seats left for this one so if you're so inclined, be sure to sign up right away. It costs $50 and includes everything you need to do this painting. All you have to do is show up and we'll guide you through the rest. When you're done you take home some holiday decor for you or a gift for someone you love. 

Also, just a little FYI, I will be out of town on the last Friday of November so that painting party will be moved to the FIRST Friday in December which will be the 7th. Mark your calendars. I guess that one will have to count for the November and December workshops. Everyone is pretty pooped by the end of December so we'll start the regular party schedule again with the January workshop.

Peace and creativity,